China's 20 Millionth New Energy Vehicle Rolls off the Assembly Line at GAC Aion.

2023-07-13 16:38:44




China's 20 Millionth New Energy Vehicle Rolls off the Assembly Line at GAC Aion.

On July 3, the 2023 Special Project for the Development of Chinese Automobile Brands - the event to celebrate China’s 20 millionth new energy vehicle (NEV) rolling off the line, supervised by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, sponsored by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, and organized by GAC Group and GAC Aion, was held at GAC Aion’s First Intelligent Manufacturing Center in Guangzhou.

In recent years, driven by the wave of the "new four modernizations" in the automobile industry, China's NEV industry has experienced rapid and remarkable development. The cumulative NEV production soared from over 5 million vehicles in September 2020 to over 10 million vehicles in February 2022, and it exceeded 20 million vehicles in July this year. Rapid and high-quality development is a phenomenon out of the ordinary in the world. It has only taken 28 years since the production of the first NEV in China in 1995 for China to achieve a new milestone that marks the production of the 20 millionth NEV.

The production of the 20 millionth NEV further consolidated China's position as the world's largest producer, seller, and exporter of NEVs. It strengthened China's automotive industry with a leading advantage in the new global wave of scientific and technological revolution and enabled China to lead the transformation and upgrading of the global automotive industry towards electrification and intelligence.

In recent years, GAC Group, as a representative of Chinese automobile enterprises committed to high-quality development, has persisted in promoting the development of the industry through scientific and technological innovation, with its overall R&D strength ranking first in China. To date, GAC Group has cumulatively invested nearly RMB 42 billion in R&D, with an annual R&D investment proportion of over 6%. In 2022, GAC Group applied for 3,255 new patents and invested RMB 6.5 billion in research and development. In 2017, GAC Group, which was then in the midst of a transformation toward the "new four modernizations", launched a new energy enterprise called GAC Aion. In the current mainstream electric vehicle industry, GAC Aion has established itself as one of the top three new energy businesses, with a compound annual growth rate of over 120%. Based on the solid foundation laid during the company's development in recent years, GAC Aion took advantage of its accumulation and experience and launched the high-end brand Hyperin in September 2022, after years of accumulation. Aion has raised the alarm for the development of the brand by adhering to the brand value of "creating advanced, modern, fascinating, and high-end products".





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